Innovative Ideas & Solutions

Is your digital strategy doing all that it can for your company? Do you have a new idea and need someone to implement this?

Need an experienced project manager? Need your website’s presence┬ámaximized?

DS4J can do all of these and more.

4 Elements are needed to keep any business running smoothly and to insure its profitability: original ideas, efficiently managed and completed projects, an effective website, and a productive and motivated workforce. Dan Globus, the President of DS4J, has successfully utilized his skills in these areas for the last twenty-five years. Dan provides his services to companies on short and long-term contract basis and well as full-time employment.

Dan has been the founder and owner of three very successful companies over the last 25 years. During the last 18 years, his efforts have been focused on building websites for the designer/manufacturer-end of the Jewelry Industry. His companies, Cool Bananas & Websites for Jewelers, were the originators of many of the features and functions that jewelry websites now use as standards. DS4J is the culmination of everything Dan has learned over the last 25 years.

What can Dan Globus do for you?

  • Idea Development: Create a solution to an existing need and/or problem.
  • Idea Implementation: Take an idea or concept and effectively & quickly bring it into existence.
  • Website Analysis and Maximization: Analyze your website and implement a plan to make the website produce more revenue for your company.
  • Audit Your Website: Audit an existing website, find its weaknesses, and correct these.
  • Increase Visitors to Your Website: Boost traffic via organic rankings online advertising and Social Networking.
  • Build a New Website: Quickly and effectively build a new website (regardless of size and scope).
  • Workforce Leader: Work with a team, optimize productivity and motivate the team.
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